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2014 Buddy Walk® Conference Sessions

To assist you in planning, we are pleased to provide a description for each of the sessions that will be held at the 2014 Buddy Walk® Conference.  We look forward to seeing you in Washington, D.C.!

Engaging Fundraisers and Volunteers- Your Route to Higher Fundraising With Less Work

Lane Kelly from the 2014 NDSS Preferred Promotional Vendor Turnkey Promotions will present research showing how recognizing participants regularly and robustly through an Income Triggered Email Campaign (ITEC messaging) translates into higher fundraising.  The session will also detail how engaging and empowering volunteers can turn you from an event planner into a volunteer manager, increasing your ability to raise money and get to sleep at night.  

Mobile Fundraising and the Buddy Walk®

NDSS is excited to introduce Paystik as a National Partner for the 2014 Buddy Walk® season.  Now in its 20th year, the Buddy Walk® continues to find ways to keep the program up to date with the latest technology. Mary Minno, VP of Partnerships, will discuss their industry leading mobile fundraising technology that can maximize contributions while enhancing the donor experience using QR codes created by Paystik and/or the Paystik Swipe, which allows you to process credit card transactions through your phone.  Sign up during the conference (there are never any set up fees) to be part of their 2014 World Down Syndrome Day campaign.  

Secrets of Successful First Time Buddy Walk® OrganizerS

Whether you are organizing your first Buddy Walk® or are a seasoned veteran, you are sure to get some great ideas from Teri Hawthorne of the Arc of Greater Beaumont (TX) and Marijo Schwengler of Up With Downs-Fargo, the recipient of the 2013 Buddy Walk® of the Year.  As first year events, their numbers far exceeded all expectations for number of participants, revenue generated and support from their communities.  Learn what worked (and didn’t work for them), what surprised them the most about their experiences and what they plan to change for future events.  

How Our Revenue Jumped $35,000 in One Year 

In 2011, the Down Syndrome Association of South Texas had one of their most successful Buddy Walk® events with over 4,500 participants and $130,000 raised.  One year later, their fundraising hit over $170,000.  Terri Mauldin, the Executive Director of the DSASTX, is excited to share the changes they implemented to see such a dramatic jump in revenue – and how they plan to build on their success in the coming years.  

Why Pay For It When You Can Get It For Free?

Buddy Walk® events are constantly looking for ways to cut down on expenses without having to sacrifice what they offer to participants.  Marlene Venable of the Down Syndrome Association of Acadiana (Lafayette, LA) will share her tips and strategies for getting (among other things) food, entertainment, children’s activities (rock wall, bounce houses, etc.) and prizes donated to their event. Come share what works for you, too! 

Donor Drive

NDSS has selected Donor Drive as the new preferred online registration and fundraising provider for the Buddy Walk®.  Learn more about this cutting edge provider whose mission is to help nonprofits tap into participant networks so they can reach more, raise more & do more. (As always, Walks are free to choose whatever software works best for their individual needs. NDSS does not benefit financially from the number of Walks using any specific system but does pass on the leveraged savings and support.)  

Building a Stronger Buddy Walk® Community

Ds-connex  is an initiative funded by the Tony R. Wells Foundation. Join us for an interactive session to build local and national impact through shared knowledge, harnessing the power of our social media voice, and engaging our community with new strategies. Join in a shared goal of increasing the fundraising results from $11 million to $40 million per year within five years.

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