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About the Times Square Video Presentation

Every year, NDSS reminds the world in a big way about the gifts that people with Down syndrome bring to their communities through a special video presentation on a jumbo screen in the heart of the Times Square.

The Times Square Video presentation kicks off Down Syndrome Awareness Month on the morning of the NDSS Buddy Walk® in New York City. NDSS receives over a thousand photo submissions for the Times Square Video contest. The featured photographs highlight children, teens and adults with Down syndrome working, playing and learning alongside friends and family. These collective images promote acceptance and inclusion, which is the foundation of NDSS and the National Buddy Walk® Program.

NDSS will begin accepting photos for the 2017 Times Square Video Contest on World Down Syndrome Day, March 21, 2017. NDSS will accept submissions until June 30, 2017. Families will be emailed in August if their photos are accepted.


The 2017 NDSS Times Square Video Photo Contest is NOW OPEN!

We are currently accepting photo submissions for the Times Square Video Photo Contest via email; please send your picture and the attached consent form to [email protected].  Should there be any issues with the photo submitted, NDSS staff will be in touch with you.

Email notifications will be sent out in early August ONLY to those whose photos were selected for the video.

Please download the Consent Form and include it with your photo or copy and paste the consent form below in to the body of your email:


"I hereby give the National Down Syndrome Society permission to use this photograph of me or my minor child in the National Down Syndrome Awareness Month video production to be shown in Times Square and other NDSS promotional and educational materials. I understand that the photo will become property of NDSS and will be credited to NDSS for all journalistic purposes. I understand that my photograph will not be returned."
Submitter’s Name:
Name(s) of Person(s) with Down syndrome in the photograph:
Date(s) of birth:
Daytime phone number:
Email address:
"I also give permission for this photo to be used by media outlets and/or other organizations approved by NDSS for positive public awareness, marketing or journalistic purposes."


ONE photo per individual with Down syndrome can be submitted to the contest. If you send more than one photo, NDSS will only use the first submission. Your photo must be accompanied by a consent form at time of submission in order to be considered.

A consent form is automatically included with online photo submissions. When mailing a photo, it must be accompanied by the consent form available via download from the website.

Individual(s) with Down syndrome must be prominent in photo and you must have approval by consent form for ALL individuals featured in the photo at the time of submission.

Your photo can be submitted via email or can be sent to the NDSS Office; please do not submit your photo more than once.


When mailing a photo, please send to:

NDSS Times Square Video 8 E 41st Street, 8th Floor, New York, New York, 10017


Please note: By submitting a photo it is understood that NDSS reserves the right to include your photo in a photo archive. Your photo will become the property of NDSS and will be credited to NDSS for all journalistic purposes. Your photo will not be returned. No fee will be given in exchange for your photo.

The 2016 Times Square Video is now available to view on the NDSS YouTube Channel and to purchase for your own collection.

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