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Legislative Agenda

The NDSS legislative agenda spans the life experience of individuals with Down syndrome from birth through adulthood and ranges in issue from health care to asset development. These priorities have been shaped by self-advocates, families, affiliate leaders and others under the direction of the NDSS Board of Directors.

  1. Health Care & Research

    Health Care & ResearchNDSS engages in legislative and regulatory advocacy in an effort to improve the health and quality of life for people with Down syndrome. This includes creating and maximizing research opportunities, improving health outcomes, increasing access to quality care and developing new therapies and treatments for all people with Down syndrome.

  2. Education

    EducationNDSS advocates for education laws and policies that uphold the rights of individuals with Down syndrome to receive a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive setting, promote principles and practices designed to improve educational outcomes for students with Down syndrome, protect the safety and dignity of students with Down syndrome and support the development of high quality postsecondary programs for students with intellectual disabilities.

  3. Community Integration

    Community IntegrationNDSS advocates for laws and policies that enable people with Down syndrome to live as full members of their communities.

  4. Economic Self-Sufficiency

    Economic Self-SufficiencyPeople with Down syndrome face many challenges in gaining economic self-sufficiency. NDSS advocates break down barriers and to develop financial planning opportunities for people with Down syndrome and their families.

  5. Employment

    NDSS is actively involved in advocacy efforts to create meaningful, integrated employment opportunities for people with Down syndrome. The broad scope of our efforts and our federal and state legislative priorities are described in this section.

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