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Buddy Walk® on Washington FAQs

Why is it called a Buddy Walk® on Washington if there is no walk involved?

The Buddy Walk® on Washington was given its name to maintain the message of the National Buddy Walk® Program - to raise awareness and inclusion for people with Down syndrome. The funds raised by the National Buddy Walk® Program directly support the annual Buddy Walk® on Washington and the work that NDSS does in Washington, DC. 

Will there be help for me to set up meetings on Capitol Hill? Will there be training and assistance on how to best approach and meet with elected officials?

Absolutely! Everyone that registers to attend the conference will receive additional information and resources (including a webinar presentation to attend before you come to Washington, DC) that will prepare you to attend meetings and fully experience Capitol Hill.

How much will it cost for my group to attend? Are there scholarship opportunities available?

The cost of registration is $40. Beyond that cost, you will need to factor in hotel accommodations, food (although there will be food served at the award ceremony and lunch briefing) and travel costs. If cost is prohibitive, please contact NDSS at or 800-221-4602.

Who should attend this conference? What about self-advocates?

Whether you aren't sure who your local elected representatives are or you are a seasoned advocate, if you are interested in advocating for people with Down syndrome or meeting legislators on the Hill, you are encouraged to attend - and we're sure you'll have an amazing experience. We love to have self-advocates join us at the Buddy Walk® on Washington!

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