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Jon Colman, President

Jon Colman, MA, is the President of the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS), the premier national organization, advocating for the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

During his tenure, Colman led NDSS through a significant reorganization, resulting in an advanced and efficient operating structure designed to support the organization’s goal of providing the best possible information and support to professionals serving the Down syndrome community, and individuals with Down syndrome. Colman created a platform for the recruitment of highly-skilled and motivated staff members to enable long-term growth within the various departments. Jon created a focused business plan built upon board-directed strategic imperatives, accompanied by a responsible and efficient operating budget.

Colman has focused his efforts to execute the advancements of key initiatives such as the Riggio Postsecondary Model Program and the administration of the Down Syndrome Research Coalition. He has actively and successfully developed relationships with the NIH and the CDC in support of Down syndrome research initiatives, and currently sits on the NIH Down Syndrome Research Consortium. Colman has opened numerous doors for NDSS to explore innovative ways of fundraising, via online programs, product cause-marketing, and has significantly increased the National Buddy Walk program across the country. In addition, Mr. Colman continues to strengthen relations with other Down syndrome support groups creating a stronger network within the Down syndrome community.

In 2013, Jon was recognized as the receipt of the Texas Down Syndrome Advocacy Coalition (TDAC) Leadership Award for his leadership efforts around establishing postsecondary education opportunities for people with Down syndrome across the country.

Prior to joining NDSS, Jon was the Managing Director of a successful E-Commerce Web-Design
Firm. Colman holds a BA from New York University and a MA in Political Science with a Certificate in
International Affairs from The New School. He has sat on the Board of Directors of America’s Charities Health 1st and Down Syndrome International.

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