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World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day, or 3/21, is about education, research, advocacy, inclusion and awareness.  It’s not about our disabilities, it’s about our abilities that count.  It is very important to be aware about what it’s like growing up with Down syndrome.  I will have to admit, my favorite expression is “I bring out the child in all of us”.  I can visualize what I went through in my early days going through early intervention that my family invented for me.  They taught me so many things like learning to read, practical academics, history and communications.  When I was growing up, I went to three special education schools.  There was no such thing as inclusion when I went to school.  But I never gave up on learning the subjects that I needed to learn, just like all of us can!  My parents, family and relatives gave me love, support and encouragement.  They treated me as they treated other children with or without any disability.  I know what it’s like growing up with Down syndrome, and we’ve tried even harder to never give up on each other.  So on this 3/21, let’s work even harder to build more awareness.

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