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World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day is on March 21. It is very important to us as self-advocates to be aware of our needs, and to let everyone know that we have rights just like anybody else. I know what it’s like to have Down syndrome. I live with my disability but I have many abilities, and that’s what World Down Syndrome Day means to me.

This World Down Syndrome Day I will be participating in an event at the United Nations. It is important that we all get involved and advocate for ourselves and other people with Down syndrome. We can make our voices heard! For ideas and how to get involved in your own community, visit the NDSS World Down Syndrome Day guide.

I have been advocating since I was a child and now as the NDSS Goodwill Ambassador I like to advocate for children who have Down syndrome. I am very proud of this role, and hope to inspire others to know that like anyone else, we all need love, support, encouragement, education and inclusion.

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