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Student of the Year

September means going back to school. There was no such thing as inclusion when I was in school. All I cared about was learning the subjects in my classes. I spent all my time doing my homework because I knew I needed to do well at school. When I was there I believed in myself, worked really hard and never gave up. I never left my eyes off my homework because I had to be prepared for my subjects when there were tests in my classes. From all of the above I went through my own inclusion – that's very important to me. I included myself so I could concentrate on what was important to me – being prepared for my graduation. I dealt with all my obstacles but I never took my eyes off my goal to go to school and learn a lot. One year, I got the Student of the Year Award. I was honored. It made all my hard work worth it. My message is: If you have any tests in your classes, make sure you have done your homework, and get your education both at school and at home.

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