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Independence Day

Despite having Down syndrome, I am able to get out of my bed, to get prepared and to get out of the door. I walk to the bus and take the bus out to Broadway where I have a job at NDSS.  I am the NDSS Goodwill Ambassador and the Office Assistant.  I work three days a week and I do office work and different odd jobs around the office.  I am very proud that I have this job and am able to work independently.  I have learned to have ability, not disability.  During the summer time, I take the train from Penn Station to Long Beach, New York by myself and take a bus that goes out to my hometown of Point Lookout.  I think this is really great because I am very capable of doing things on my own and I have a great opportunity to learn a lot.

My advice to others with Down syndrome is to be aware of yourself and learn all about doing things on our own with or without out parents and family.  On your own you can do other things like go to school, go to your job and provide for yourself by making your own food or even going to your local store and buying food that you like.  We have to learn how to depend on ourselves and we can make a difference. Say to yourself “yes, I can”  to being independent and to doing things on our own.  We should learn from our parents because they can always help us and guide us and point us in the right direction so we know how to do certain things, like finding things in the kitchen.  We have to learn how to find things in the cabinets.  This will teach us how to learn and live on our own, and that is being independent. 


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