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Happy Mother's Day

I can visualize myself when I was growing up.  I had a lot of challenges in my early years and someone helped me, someone who will always be a part of me and is very important to me: my mother.  The best part of my life was being born on August 26, 1965 to my mother.  What a miracle.  She has taught me a whole lot - all about love, support and encouragement in good times and in bad times.  But what is it like to have a son like me with Down syndrome?  She did not treat me like I was special.  All she wanted was a strong, healthy baby boy and I’m very glad to be her son.  This is very important for all mothers who have a son or daughter who happens to have a disability.  I have learned a lot because she knew what I needed was to get my education and to be included with other children, that includes my brother and sisters, Ellen, Anne and J.R. We would like to wish our mother, Marian, a happy Mother’s Day. We love you.  

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