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Election Day is a part of our history. Election Day means to me that we have an opportunity to learn about the history about the presidents, first ladies and vice presidents. When I was in school, my favorite subject was reading about famous presidents. And I really did learn a lot.

This year, November 6th is Election Day. It’s very important for people with disabilities to vote because we have every right for other people to hear our voice.

Before you vote, it’s very important to learn about the candidates and what’s going on in our world. As we learn a lot from the candidates, we can focus on what is important to people with disabilities. We want our presidents and elected officials to support our non-profit organizations and to be aware of our needs. We want them to help us with our future.

Voting is a chance for people with Down syndrome and other disabilities to advocate for themselves. We have the ability to vote and every vote counts!

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