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Down Syndrome for the Soul

For this column, I was inspired by the book “Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul”.  I am so grateful that my parents, family, relatives and friends encouraged me to follow my dreams - now it’s your turn to encourage your kids to follow their dreams. 

I would like to use the expression “I bring out the child in all of us.”  I can visualize the idea what it’s like to have my parents, my family and relatives, to have my early intervention for me to learn different things.  As I think back, it’s very hard for me to remember, but, until today, I have learned a lot from them.  Their dedication allowed me to get my proper education that I needed.  It’s very important that all parents and their children have relatives to help guide us.  At an early age, I knew that I wanted to learn, but I was never included.  There was no such thing as inclusion when I was in school.  But I never gave up on learning. 

Most importantly, between my family and relatives, they gave me confidence and dedication.  That’s all they want me to do for the rest of my life.  My advice to parents is to not think about their child’s disability, but their ability instead.  First of all, please go onto our website: to learn more about Down syndrome, and we will always try our best to help up you.   Secondly, encourage your kids to be confident in themselves, because they can do anything they put their minds too.  I would like to give you my advice to join the different Down syndrome conventions, and learn all about your child’s life, and to go onto other people’s websites and learn a lot from them.  Please join any workshops or seminars so you can get more information.

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