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Straight Talk with Chris Burke

Featured ImageNDSS Goodwill Ambassador Chris Burke is best known for his role as Corky Thacher on the hit ABC show "Life Goes On." Chris works in the NDSS office, where he is a member of the staff. In this monthly column, Chris offers advice and perspective to fellow self-advocates.

  1. It’s Summer Time Again

    It’s Summer Time AgainChris reflects on why summer brings out the child in all of us.

  2. Advocating for Ourselves

    Advocating for OurselvesChris discusses the importance of being an advocate for yourself.

  3. Life Goes On Reunion

    Life Goes On ReunionChris reunites with two of his former castmates from ABC's hit show Life Goes On.

  4. Chris Burke: The DJ

    Chris Burke: The DJChris discusses his upcoming gig as a DJ!

  5. Giving Thanks for Inclusion

    Giving Thanks for InclusionIn this column, Chris gives thanks for inclusion.

  6. It’s Summer Time

    It’s Summer Time Chris talks about soaking up the summer fun with his family and friends!

  7. Down Syndrome for the Soul

    Down Syndrome for the SoulChris talks about the importance of encouraging your kids to follow their dreams.

  8. World Down Syndrome Day

    World Down Syndrome DayChris Talks about the significance of World Down Syndrome Day.

  9. Black History Month

    Black History MonthChris talks about Black History Month and its important message for self-advocates.

  10. Brothers and Sisters: Learning from Each Other

    Brothers and Sisters: Learning from Each OtherChris talks about his siblings and the impact they have had on his life!

  11. Let’s Be Thankful

    Let’s Be ThankfulChris talks about who and what he's thankful for this season!

  12. Celebrating Inclusion

    Celebrating InclusionChris talks about the importance of inclusion, especially during Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

  13. Student of the Year

    Student of the YearChris discusses his days at school and offers advice on what it takes to learn a lot and be included.

  14. I’m Still Learning

    I’m Still LearningChris discusses goals for his life in the coming year as well as Down syndrome advocacy.

  15. Independence Day

    Independence DayChris discusses independence and what it means to him as a self-advocate to value his independent lifestyle.

  16. Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's DayChris wishes his dad, and all dads, a happy Father's Day and reflects on the importance of celebrating the day.

  17. Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's DayChris reflects on his relationship with his mother and how she raised a child with Down syndrome.

  18. Spring is Here

    Spring is HereChris discusses springtime and renewal.

  19. World Down Syndrome Day

    World Down Syndrome DayChris discusses World Down Syndrome Day and what it means for self-advocates.

  20. President's Day

    President's DayChris discusses President's Day and what it means for people with disabilities.

  21. New Year's Resolutions

    New Year's ResolutionsChris offers thoughts and advice on the new year.

  22. Happy Holidays

    Happy HolidaysChris reflects on the Holiday Season and what it means to him.

  23. Election Day

    Election DayChris explains why it is important for individuals with disabilities to vote.

  24. Down Syndrome Awareness Month

    Down Syndrome Awareness MonthOctober is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a chance to spread awareness. During the month of October, we celebrate people with Down syndrome and make people aware of our abilities and accomplishments.

  25. Back To School

    Back To SchoolChris offers advice and reflects on his time at school.

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