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NDSS Puts the Spotlight on Tony Gostkowski

Tony Gostkowski has been a generous contributor to NDSS since the birth of his granddaughter, Megan, who happens to have Down syndrome.  Like many other grandparents, Mr. Gostkowski wants Megan to have the same opportunities that her sisters, Darian and Rachel, will enjoy. Mr. Gostkowski, while not wanting Megan to grow up too quickly, looks forward to Megan attending college, being employed in a meaningful position and enjoying the freedoms of financial independence as well as living independently.

Mr. Gostkowski  stated that he has three hopes for Megan,“ I hope her Daddy will walk her down the aisle of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on her wedding day; I hope for acceptance by all those she will meet on her life’s journey; and most of all, I hope her life will be filled with happiness and peace.”

Over the years, Mr. Gostkowski has been involved with NDSS in a number of different ways. His contributions to NDSS’ annual events, such as the Gala and Auction, Golf Outing and the New York City Buddy Walk®, have contributed to the success of these events.

Like many others, when first given the diagnosis, Mr. Gostkowski was unfamiliar with Down syndrome. “I knew nothing of Down syndrome before the birth of Megan.  However, in the three short years since Megan’s birth, I have come to fully realize the resources that NDSS provides to all of us in the NDSS family.  I have been touched by the kindness and goodness of the NDSS team and all that they offer and do for my family and the NDSS family.  I encourage other grandparents to consider giving of your time, talent and treasure to the NDSS mission.  You will find the rewards of such giving will return to you in abundance.  They have for me.”

Mr. Gostkowski’s advice for other grandparents with a grandchild with Down syndrome is simple, “Don’t be sad. Megan is one of the greatest graces and blessings that God has given my family and me.  Enjoy your grandchild with Down syndrome as you do all of your grandchildren.  Love each of them for their innocence, gentleness and goodness of heart.”

Thank you Mr. Gostkowski for your generosity and continued support of the National Down Syndrome Society.

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