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World Down Syndrome Day in Your Community

World Down Syndrome Day is the perfect time to raise awareness for peoplewith Down syndrome. Whether in your neighborhood, place of work, school, house of worship or somewhere else, here are some great ideas to get you started:

  • Down syndrome awareness pins in official Down syndrome colors are easy to make! Safety pin blue and yellow ribbon and distibute to friends, family, coworkers and anyone else you see on March 21. Awareness pins and Down syndrome fact sheets can be great on their own or make a meaningful takeaway from any event you plan or attend that day.
  • NDSS Goodwill Ambassador Chris Burke played Corky on the TV Series Life Goes On, the first major character in a network television series with Down syndrome. Chris has written a letter to students with and without Down syndrome for World Down Syndrome Day. Print copies for your school and have it read out loud in your child's classroom.
  • Host a block party! Invite all of your neighbors to bring a dish and decorate with blue and yellow table cloths, plates, cups and cutlery for added awareness.
  • Organizer a bake sale or ice cream social at a local community center and have everyone contribute an item with a blue and yellow theme. Icing, sprinkles and M&Ms are a great way to raise awareness! 
  • Coordinate a sports tournament in a local park or indoor arena. When the blue team plays the yellow team, it's a winning day for Down syndrome awareness. 
  • Bring cupcakes with blue and yellow icing, cookies with blue and yellow M&Ms or bags of blue and yellow candy to work on March 21. Everyone will learn about Down syndrome and you'll be the most popular person there!
  • Bring an age-appropriate book and blue and yellow snack to your child's classroom to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. Explain what makes your child special and have each child say something that makes them special too. 
  • Rent a movie that features an actor with Down syndrome and watch it with your family. Talk about how having someone with Down syndrome in your family affects each member of your family and what each person can do to raise awareness about Down syndrome.
  • Team up with a local high school or college and plan a recreational or educational activity, such as a fashion show, speakers’ panel or documentary film screening. Invite a self-advocate to emcee the event.

If you're looking for additional materials or recommendations for books or videos for any of your plans or events, please feel free to contact NDSS at 800-221-4602 or

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