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Remembering Dr. Siegfried Pueschel

Dr. Siegfried Pueschel, MD, PhD, JD, MPH was a long-time friend of the Down syndrome community and NDSS, having served most recently on the NDSS Honorary Board of Governors.  Through his roles as physician, author and parent, among many others, Dr. Pueschel will long be remembered for his devotion and contributions to people with Down syndrome and their families.  Here the NDSS Self-Advocate Advisory Board pays tribute to Dr. Pueschel: 

It is with great sadness that we share with you the passing of our friend, mentor and advisor Dr. Siegfried Pueschel.  He was a true visionary for the disability community.  He was not just a physician; he knew about Down syndrome personally since his son and our friend, Christian, was born with Down syndrome.  Because of his son he knew what was important for people with Down syndrome and their families, and he worked hard and never gave up on us. 

We will always remember Dr. Pueschel for his professionalism in the speaking world – we were in awe of his speaking expertise.  He was one on our favorite people. He was a great visionary and a great doctor. He helped improve a lot of lives. 

Though some of us never met Dr. Pueschel in person, his was the first book that we ever read on the topic of adults and Down syndrome.  We didn’t all know him personally, but we knew his philosophy and gentle approach. 

We would like to extend our condolences to Dr. Pueschel’s family on behalf of NDSS and the Self-Advocate Advisory Board.  Our hearts go out to the family members he left behind and they are in our hearts and thoughts.  He was a great man. 

Chris Burke
Tavrick Lawless
Mitchell Levitz
Essie Pederson
Mia Peterson
Anita Raghavan
Erin Thompson
Sara C. Wolff

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