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NDSS Your Way in May

NDSS Your Way invites you to compete, celebrate and create with us through our online fundraising program that is geared towards independent fundraisers interested in raising money on behalf of NDSS. During the pilot year of NDSS Your Way, we worked with 45 new motivated individuals who collectively raised $60,000. NDSS was excited to bring previous fundraisers into the program as well, and we look forward to meeting and working with more new people looking to make a difference.

Join NDSS Your Way in May! As a participant in the program this month, each week your name will be included in a random drawing to win a great prize (previously registered participants are automatically entered).  A new winner will be contacted each Wednesday in the month of May.  The great news is that there are FIVE Wednesdays this month!

Prizes include:  

May 1: Handmade Upcycled Paper Flower Collage by LaraLeib Designs (retail value $40). Inspired by the ever-growing pile of magazines that were beginning to take over her small apartment, the artist behind LaraLeib began to create paper flower collages for various home decor items. Each petal and stem is cut by hand, making this 8"x10" collage (and every LaraLeib design) one of a kind. 

May 8: Sterling Sock Monkey Family Necklace by Mark Poulin (retail value $65). Mark Poulin loves drawing and creating cartoon characters like this sterling sock monkey family. Sterling silver and enamels have become a way for him to translate the bright beautiful colors from the pages of his sketchbook into metal jewelry. He currently lives and works in Oakland, California.

May 15: Hand Selected Collection of Trinkets and Treasures by Darlybird (retail value $100). Born from a love for fresh design that doesn't break the bank, Darlybird is the brainchild of a stay-at-home mom slash creative-guru-wannabe who decided to take a risk and have fun at the same time.  Darlybird is a family affair. Rachel owns, designs and commandeers while her daughters Leah, Esther and Phoebe give input, test products, and make messes in the workshop. Jon, their dad, handles chaos control.   

May 22: Funky, fresh, smart and highly awesome box o’ stuff from Blue Q, winner's choice (retail value $100). Everything Blue Q makes is made ethically. Blue Q is also the largest private employer of individuals with disabilities in Berkshire County, MA.

May 29: Bliss 4-in-1 Baby Stroller System by Contours (retail value $399.99). Pure bliss! This stroller offers four great solutions as your little one grows from a tiny newborn to an active toddler. Simply convert the Contours Bliss stroller seat into an infant pram or takeaway carrycot - no extra parts needed. Retail value is $399.99.

Here are the steps we recommend if you are interested in learning more about program, getting yourself signed up and spreading the word.  There is no registration fee and no fundraising requirement.  We encourage each participant to set a meaningful and attainable goal, and we want you to enjoy the process as you work to reach your goal.  Past and current participants remember fondly when their campaigns went viral and how it felt when donors from their extended networks showed how much they care.

Step 1:  Visit NDSS Your Way and the NDSS Your Way Pinterest Board to learn more and be inspired

Step 2: Email us with your questions or comments

Step 3: Create and customize your page; add photos or logo

Step 4: Share your campaign with your contacts and link to it in your social networks

Step 5: Say thank you and ask again if you have not yet reached your goal

The NDSS Your Way Tips & Ideas page is also a useful resource for moving your campaign forward.

We are excited to work with you!

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