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Introducing the New NDSS Website

NDSS is pleased to unveil a new and improved website! The newly designed connects visitors to a more user-friendly experience, with improved look and navigation, as well as updated and additional information and resources. Please take a look at some of our exciting new features:

Search Tool:

Not only can you search our entire site without a character limit, but you can search within a section of our site as well! Looking for a resource? Search just that section. Trying to find Buddy Walk info? Narrow your search to the Buddy Walk section. It's just one more way that NDSS can connect you to the most accurate and up-to-date information on all Down syndrome-related topics.


Every page of our redesigned site has easy-to-use icons to make navigating to our top pages one click away. Sign up for our monthly E-Newsletter, connect with our Helpline, learn more about our New and Expectant Parent resources, find Local Support, register for Advocacy Alerts or Donate to NDSS – all with the click of a single button from any page on our site!

Local Support:

Our new Local Support page features an interactive map, powered by Google. This aspect of the site allows users to easily and quickly find information and resources about the local NDSS Affiliate in their area!

You May Also Be Interested in...

We have a lot of great information on our site, and what you are looking for might cover several sections of material. Be sure to check out the "You May Also be Interested in" sections on the right side of the articles – they may help connect you to other information you'd like to see!

Social Media:

Loving what you're reading on our site? Share it with your personal network. Each page has a quick share function so you can post articles from our site on your social media pages. If you want to find NDSS on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube, those links are easily accessible on every page.


We encourage our affiliates to update all links and information about NDSS on their respective websites. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need more information.

We hope you all enjoy perusing our new site and that you are as excited
as we are about the updates! We would love to hear your feedback,
please send any thoughts or questions to [email protected].

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