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Types of Live Coverage


Invite a local radio station to do a live broadcast from your event. You have a better chance of succeeding if the station is a media sponsor of your event or if you have VIPs in attendance who can be interviewed on-air. Also, because of the set-up time involved in broadcasting live from an event, you should only offer this opportunity to one station.


Pitch local TV stations to send an on-site news reporter or weather person to your event. Again, it helps to have VIPs in attendance for interviews. For a TV spot it is imperative to offer interesting visuals, such as people participating in the event, kids playing, games, clowns, etc.

At the Event

Designate one person from your committee to be the media contact. If you're expecting media, have a sign at your registration table and have that committee member manage that area. Have press kits and media badges at the table. Once reporters arrive, introduce them to VIPs (head of your organization, key families or self-advocates, etc.) for interviews. Warn your VIPs in advance and make sure they're comfortable and prepared to speak about the event with the media.

Make sure you have a photographer, committee member or volunteer taking photos at the event. You can use these for your post-event media outreach and marketing throughout the year.

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