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Media Kit

Featured ImageIf you are a member of the media or looking to share information about NDSS or Down syndrome with your local press, please browse this section for materials. For all media inquiries, logo use and photo requests please contact Kandi Pickard at [email protected]

  1. Position Papers

    The Position Papers explain the National Down Syndrome Society's view on a variety of topics.

  2. Letters of Response

    Letters of Response are written to producers, comedians, writers, politicians and others who make inaccurate or offensive comments regarding people with Down syndrome in the media.

  3. Boilerplates for NDSS & Down Syndrome

    These are standard paragraphs to describe NDSS and Down syndrome in the media.

  4. Suggested National Talking Points

    These are talking points for further explanation when covering NDSS and Down syndrome.

  5. Helpful Tips to Secure Media Coverage

    This section will give you tools to embark on a media outreach campaign for your local events or news.

  6. Reactive Media Outreach

    These are some suggestions and tips to respond to both positive and negative press.

  • Buddy Walk
  • NDSS Yourway
  • NDSS DS-Ambassadors